About the Layout

Version 1.0 of parazonium.net features Sumeragi Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon. The shot comes from an artbook scan. This layout was designed about a year ago so the webmaster is unsure of where she obtained the image but she is very, very, very grateful and gives many cookies to the person who scanned it and hopes they approve of the layout.

About the Site

parazonium.net was registered in April of 2003. It is the successor of the site AniNemesis.com which was perhaps one of the most pathetic domain names ever chosen. Well not most pathetic but it wasn't spiffy cool.

parazonium.net has spent almost a year in a completely dormant state because of how lazy the webmaster is. Everyone should probably kick her if they ever happen to meet her. Her name is Nemesis, Fangirl Extraordinaire, also sometimes known as Ashara or "that girl."

parazonium.net was chosen after three months of a long arduous process of debating names. Alright, in all truthfulness it took three months inbetween all the games and anime it took the webmaster to watch, but we can always pretend it was a long, arduous, mind-boggling process. Just pretend to be in awe to help her self-esteem.

Though in all truthfulness the name parazonium has no deep significance. It's just the name of a short sword used in Ancient Rome. It's Latin. It's just supposed to sound cool. And it does! If you don't agree...well no one was asking your opinion in the first place so there!

And that's all there is to say about the site parazonium.net. If you read all this, pat yourself on the back.