Hosting Status

parazonium.net is currently accepting applications for free webhosting. If you are interested, please read the following before submitting an application. Please note applications will be processed in three to four days.

Hosting Guidelines

Your site is not required to be anime related or even in the same field. Your site is required to contain some semblance of proper English grammar however. I do not accept hostees whose sites consists of a long string of unintelligable ebonics. I also do not accept hostees with any kind of offensive material.

On top of this I do require some sense of aesthetics with the design. You need not be an artistic god, but having a basic knowledge of HTML and design does help. If the site burns my retinas upon viewing, your chances are not going to be good. If your site crashes my computer, your chances are not going to be good. If I can't read the text, there are a thousand dancing animated Gifs when I load the page and some annoying song starts playing, your chances are so dismally low, you'd be better off not even wasting the bandwidth emailing me.

In the end, I have the final say considering I own the site. I may sound harsh with my requirements, but I'm actually quite nice. Anyway, onto the application guidelines.

Hosting Application

For hosting, please submit the following in an email to aSPAMYshara@parazonium.net. Please remember to remove the SPAMY letters.

  • Your Name
  • Form of Contact (Email, AIM)
  • An attatchment of the first main page of your site
  • A description of the site
  • How much space you think you'll require

If you've lived through all this, I think your chances for hosting are good so don't worry too much.